Things in Order
What is
It's an app that makes storing and finding things easy - things that you don't use often, but that can come in handy at any moment.

For example: tools, seasonal clothes, various accessories, spare parts, household items, etc.

We often misplace such things because we don't remember where we put them or who we gave them to. The search for these things can take a long time, and sometimes we just buy the new ones.

Stuff Keeper not only helps you find and store your stuff - it also saves your money!

App also makes life easier for people with various memory disorders, information overload, ADHD, etc.

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Pack your things in your phone
and don't misplace them anymore
How it works
(one example of using the app)
First, add your largest properties. It can be an apartment, a country house, a garage, an office, etc.
Divide your property into zones. Add living room, wardrobe, bedroom, balcony, pantry, home office, etc.
Furniture! That's where we usually keep things
Wardrobes, dressers, racks, shelves, etc. Feel free to add photos - it will help you with searching for items
Space and items on the shelves
It's often boxes or packages. Don't forget to add photos and descriptions, so that later you can avoid making mistakes when searching for your things
And finally, the item!
Take a clear photo, so that later you know what you're looking for exactly. Name it correctly and add its purpose in the description, for example: a tool, a piece of clothing, a part, etc.
And the most important thing!
Easily find the things you need using the convenient StuffKeeper search
For more details, go to the Help section
Max number of items
Google Drive sync & backup
Your feedback and suggestions are very important to us.
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